Fly Fishing

2016 Randy Tayler, Dawson Reynolds in boat
2016 discussing the tactic Australia vs Scotland

Rossburn invites you to discover “the big one”!

Another lake “just over the hill” keeps them coming to our Lakes because that is the “nature of the beast”. Everyone MUST fish every lake and become an ‘authority’ upon it. Failing to fish a certain lake is like golfers admitting that they have never played “such and such” course.

Patterson Lake and Tokaryk Lake, located with the Rossburn Municipality, are prime destinations of fly fishers from around the world. Passing through the campground at Patterson Lake during fly fishing seasons –April to June or Sept until freeze up- you can find a wide range of cars with license plates from across the US and Canada. Speak with our accommodation owners and they all have a story or two of people visiting from Europe or Australia to fish the Lakes for their own “BIG ONE”.

While other excellent lakes exist throughout western America, no region hosts such a collection of waters like the concentration found in the western Parkland! Both Patterson & Tokaryk Lakes belong to the Parkland Trout Trail – PDF version – which offers a circuit of lakes within the region with enough variety & challenges to encourage fly fishers to stay a little longer. Working within the region is FLIPPR (Fish and Lake Improvement Program for the Parkland Region) – the committee has been instrumental in bringing in aeration systems to a number of lake within the Rossburn Municipality and assisting in maintenance and improvement projects.

Patterson Lake is famous for its big, strong and acrobatic rainbow or brown trout – making the battle to land one especially challenging. Exhilaration and big smiles show on many pictures of anglers who won the battle with their Master Angler trout.


No motors, except electric, may be used.

No natural bait.

Trout limit is one and all trout over 45 cm must be released.

“Patterson Lake is the Trophy Lake to end all trophy lakes but best pack your camera – trout over 45 cm (18 in) must be released.” – Quote from FLIPPR website

Tokaryk Lake boasts mainly brown trout. Though a population of perch is present, FLIPPR and Rossburn Game & Fish Organization manage to maintain the population at acceptable levels for fly fishing.


None – general fishing regulations apply.

These Lakes are truly a Community endeavor – FLIPPR assisting in set up of aeration, the Rossburn Municipality with upkeep & hydro costs of the aeration, Wildlife & Fisheries Branch, Province of Manitoba with stocking trout and Rossburn Game & Fish Association providing labor assistance and lake monitoring. To build the Parkland area as THE FLY FISHING DESTINATION IN CANADA, Rossburn and Roblin Municipalities have joined forces to further improvements and promotion of the area lakes to the global market. Rossburn hosted the Provincial Loch Style Fly Fishing Championships in 2015 and saw the opportunities that existed for expansion with Fly Fishing. With assistance from MAFRD via the Partners for Growth 2015 grant program, the Municipalities invested in 16 Jon boats (14’) to be available for fly fishers. This investment saw opportunities for 2 local entrepreneurs to provide the rentals of these boats. Rossburn area rentals can be booked with Parkland Recreation Rentals – 2016 has seen the development of a Youth Fly Fishing Program in Rossburn which is aimed to create a new generation of fly-fishers including local youth and the awarding of the 2017 National Fly Fishing Championships to the Parkland area (Roblin, Rossburn and Russell). Plans for a Youth Camp pilot project are in the works.

Come out to the Lakes and see if you can get ‘THE BIG ONE’!!!!