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Arrow Lake Campground

Brock Higginbotham -204-748-5290 or

Myles Meir – 204-859-0088

daily sites:  2

electric sites: yes, 30 Amp

water hook-up: non

sewer dumping station: yes

boat launch: yes

Located 7 km East of Rossburn

Excellent Walleye Fishing. Picnic site and playground, 3 docks, swimming


Deep Lake Campground, RMNP

Main office: 204-848-7275 – general inquiries

Deep Lake – 204-859-2758

daily sites: 12 (4 of which are tenting only)

Only 6 suitable for medium to larger motor homes

electric sites: non

water hook-up: no (hand pump only)

sewer dumping station: yes (+ outhouses)

boat launch: non

(no motorized water craft permitted)

Located 25 km North of Rossburn of HWY 264 in the Riding Mountain National Park.  

Sites cannot be reserved, it’s on a first come first serve basis. Swimming and fishing at the lake


Northshore Campground

Marnee Bonchuk – 204-773-6872 or

Denise Trakkalo – 204-859-2816

daily sites: 6

electric sites: yes, 15,30,50 Amp

water hook-up: yes

sewer dumping station: non

boat launch:  non

Located on the Northshore of Rossman Lake, 14 km North-East of Rossburn and 15 min away from the Riding Mountain National Park.

Flagpark 2013 Colleen

Rossburn Lions RV Park

Contact: Municipal Office – 204-859-2779

43 Main Street N

Office hours: 9 am – 5 pm, Mon-Fri

daily sites: 4

electric sites: yes, 30 Amp

water hook-up: yes

sewer dumping station: on Centennial Road between Town Shop and Firehall + outhouse on site

Located Hwy 264 South end of Town of Rossburn

Patterson Lake Campground (2) (1)

Patterson Lake Campground

Jerry Prosak – 204-234-5468

Located 20 km West of Rossburn on Hwy 577

Daily sites: 10 plus additional tenting sites

Electric sites: yes, 30 Amp

Water hook-up: non

Sewer dumping station: non, outhouse available

Boat launch: yes

World Class Fly Fishing (Rainbow and Brown Trout), and great Fly Fishing at Tokaryk
Lake just minutes away, picnic site

Rossman Lake Resort

Dwayne Zegalski – 204-859-2391

daily sites: 10

electric sites: 10

water hook-up: 10

boat launch: yes


sewer hook up: 4, plus dumping station

located 13 km North-East of Rossburn on Hwy 577

picnic sites and playground, boating, swimming and

fishing, Rossman Lake Golf course in walking

distance with laundromat, outhouse/shower


Whether you’re planning on fishing, boating, swimming, water-skiing or just sun-bathing on the beach, we have the right lake for you.

Arrow Lake

Boating: launch available

Fishing: Is abundant with walleye and perch.

Camping: (see campground page)

Playground: makes it a great family destination

LOCATION: 5 minutes east of Rossburn, take Road 113 N and follow the signs.

Deep Lake

Bob Hill Lake

Is 3,6 km away from

Deep Lake,

both are within the Riding Mountain National Park and reachable by car.

Boating: Only non-motorized boats are allowed,

Fishing: National Parks Fishing regulations apply.

Nature Viewing: An excellent place to spot flora and fauna


Hiking and biking trails adjacent

Camping (see campground page)

LOCATION: 20 minutes north of Rossburn, take PR264 North and follow signs to the Riding Mountain National Park


Photo By: MfkPhotography

Patterson Lake

Has the international reputation of being the best place in the world for trout fly fishing!

Boating: launch available (only electric motors are allowed)

Fishing: trophy brown or rainbow trout. Patterson Lake makes a great destination for the float tuber.

(see more details under Fly Fishing section)

Camping: (see campground section)

LOCATION: 6.5 km (5 miles) north of Oakburn


Rossman Lake

Great family destination with a multitude of activities

Boating: public boat launch at main entrance

Fishing: Walleye and Northern Pike

Walleye limit is 4;  all walleye shorter than 35 cm must be released.



Golfing: Rossman Lake Golf & Country Club

Camping: Rossman Lake and Northshore (see campground section)

Laundromat: within golf clubhouse

LOCATION: 15 km northeast of Rossburn, drive PR264, then PR577, follow signs


Seech Lake

Great family destination!

Boating: launch available

Fishing: Pickerel and Northern Pike

Swimming: beach area

LOCATION: 26,5 km east of Rossburn, follow Road 113N (Olha Road) until Olha, take PR577 North for 1,6 km, then take PR566 east for 4 miles and follow the signs.


Tokaryk Lake

Close to Patterson Lake, another great Trout Fly Fishing Lake

Boating: launch available

Fishing: Brown Trout

LOCATION: 6,4 km (4miles) north of Oakburn on PR577, then 1.6 km (1 mile) east and 1.6 km (1 mile) north

Boat Rental

Now available servicing all boating lakes in the area through Parkland Recreation Rentals

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park is an island of wilderness surrounded by a sea of farmland, boasting 3000 km2 of rugged nature just waiting to be explored. Riding Mountain is unique in the way that it’s 1 of only 5 national parks that has a resort townsite. Although small in size, the picturesque town of Wasagaming is big in charm and character. The original Parks Canada Visitor Centre remains, built in the Rustic Design tradition of the 1930’s, reminding us of the early days of Canada’s national parks system.

Wasagaming Town Centre

LOCATION: approx. an hour away from Rossburn, to be reached via HW 45 and 10.
Wildlife is abundant in Riding Mountain, and by simply driving through the park you are likely to spot a variety of species. Black bear, elk, moose, and lynx all call the park home, as well as approximately 30 plains bisons that live in an enclosure by Lake Audy.

Lake Audy Park Entrance

LOCATION: Only 53 km away from Rossburn, but all travel is on gravel road, so calculate an hour. Road 113N (Olha Road) until Olha, then 1.6 km north on PR577. Turn east and follow PR566 until the hamlet of Horrod, turn north onto PR354 and follow signs.
Camping is the best way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the park. Riding Mountain has an array of camping options that are sure to fit the needs of campers of all comfort and experience levels.

An extensive and well signed out trail system offers scenic routes for hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and birding.

Pristine wilderness in the backcountry of Riding Mountain National Park is what is awaiting you at South-West entrances all within the Rossburn Municipality.

The main entrance point is Deep Lake, which includes a warden station, where Park passes and National Park Fishing licenses are sold and a very knowledgeable Parks warden will be able to answer all your questions about the Park and especially the West end. This access point lets you connect with the Tilson Lake Trailhead, Deep Lake Road, Deep Lake Campground, Central Trail access Bobhill, and Bobhill Lake day use site.

Deep Lake Entrance

LOCATION: from Rossburn follow PR264 North for about 19 km, then follow the signs to the Riding Mountain National Park.

Further east you will have access to the Tilson Lake Trail system and ultimately Central Trail via the Birdtail Park Entrance

Birdtail Entrance

LOCATION: from Rossburn follow PR264 North for about 14.5 km, turn east into Road 123N for about 4.6 km, then north on Road 141W for about 3.2 km. Follow Road 125N for about 3.2 km and turn North at its end to find the best kept secret of a Park entrance.

The Baldy Trail system with access to Central Trail, Gunn Lake and Whitewater Lake campsites is further east still within the Rossburn Municipality.

Baldy Lake Entrance

LOCATION: from Rossburn follow PR264 North for about 3.2 km, then turn east on PR577 for about 16 km, follow the signs to the Park entrance (approx. another 6.5 km).

Deep Lake Warden Station can be reached via 204-859-2758. Riding Mountain National Park passes and fishing license can be bought here. General inquiries can also be directed to the main office at 204-848-7275.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation or inspiration, Riding Mountain has something to offer everyone. One visit and you’ll quickly realize, you have to come back and discover the rest.

Adventures via horseback into the Riding Mountain National Park with a licensed guide are offered through

Cross Country Ski Trails (traditional and skate skiing) at Deep Lake warden station and

Moose Lake Ski Trails (traditional and within the neighboring municipality further West) are enjoyments offered within the snowy months in the Park.

Town Parks/ Duke the Bear

Rossburn, the recipient of the highest designation of 5 Blooms by Communities in Bloom, is an avid supporter of green havens and beautification. It has one part-time employee dedicated to the maintenance and watering of the many flowers planted by the local Petal Pushers Garden Club.

An article by Winnipeg Free Press (Sept 2013) stated, “It’s been all “green-thumbed hands on deck” in Rossburn this year. The result is the friendliest garden east of Eden as businesses and community members join forces to make parks pop up all over town”. We haven’t stopped since then!

Memory Park

The Rossburn Petal Pusher Garden Club initiated the creation of the Rossburn Memory Park in 2008. Highlights include a stone waterfall that pleases the ears with the gentle splashing sounds, and a granite arch that invites visitors into this oasis. Benches and tables dot the walkway and lawn, inviting a few moments of reflection or a picnic. The names of loved ones are engraved upon the archway, often giving a history of those connected to this community in days gone by.

Duke the Bear

Located in the front right corner of the park on Victoria Ave E is the statue and stone telling the story of this famous bear. As one of the area’s largest and well recorded black bears in its time at over 800 pounds, the life-sized bronze monument created by renowned Ontario based sculptor Ruth Abernethy ( is a highlight of the Rossburn Black Bear theme. The statue was made possible with the generous support of local donors Walter and Adele Mychasiw of Vista, who wanted to remember their families -Mychasiw and Trakalo, past, present and in the future- in a special fashion.

The statue of Duke and the Memory Park not only symbolise the extraordinary wildlife in our area, but also the generosity of the people of Rossburn!

No matter which angle you take, Duke or the Park, we are sure your picture will be gorgeous!

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Park

(or lovingly called by locals, QE2)

This park was officially opened during the Town Centennial Celebration in 2013, but work had started long before that. It is a combination of gorgeous shrubs and sitting area. As it is running along the Trans Canada Trail within town (corner of Manitoba Ave/ Centennial Road), a highlight is the telling of the history of the railway line through interpretive signs, showing how the closure of the line was transformed into a new opportunity to become part of the Trans Canada Trail.   A small bridge eases access not only to the trail, but also to outdoor fitness equipment on the other side of the trail.

Lions RV and Flag ParkFlagpark 2013 Colleen

This area serves not only as a camping site, but has also a gazebo for picnic options and, as the name indicates, displays an array of flags of the world. It will greet you if you come into town from the South on PR264.

Our Latest -Yet to be Named- Park

Starting out with a grant from Trees Canada for edible trees, this area saw 66 trees and bushes having edible fruits and berries planted with the help of many volunteers of all ages. After a first rough winter, another grant from Healthy Together Now helped to replant some of the trees and supply additional landscaping. While it will still take a while until it will be a full grown public orchard, harvesting the first fruits does call for an official naming and efforts are on the way. The park is situated on Veterans Drive.

Trans Canada Trail – Rossburn Subdivision Trail

Initiated in 1992 as a project to celebrate Canada’s 125th year, the Trans Canada Trail is the world’s longest networks of multi-use recreational trails, comprised of land and water routes across urban, rural and wilderness landscapes. Once fully connected, it will stretch nearly 24,000 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans, through every province and territory, linking Canadians in nearly 1,000 communities.

The Trans Canada Trail is made up of nearly 500 individual trails, each with unique and varied features. This contributes to the diversity and grandeur of Canada’s national Trail. For day trips or multi-day adventures, the Trail offers countless opportunities to explore and discover.

Just over 20,000 kilometres of the Trail are operational which is 86 percent of the proposed route. Four out of five Canadians live within 30 minutes of the Trail.

This last statement from the website is definitely true for Rossburn, as the trail runs through town and rural area on the old CN rail bed.

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail is the regional portion of the Trans Canada Trail running on a former railway bed from Russell to Neepawa and touches many communities along the way, one being Rossburn. We invite visitors to enjoy the wonders of nature along the trail while hiking, cycling or horseback riding. Grooming for snowmobiling creates a very inviting winter recreational passage.

The RST is 172 km of very solid packed trail, crushed rock was applied in 2010. Some of the less used areas have grass grown in. It is mowed once or twice a year by the municipalities along the way.

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail has been growing in 2015 with the addition of the Elk Link Trail, the first of more planned connections to the Riding Mountain National Park. This connector trail runs from Erickson to Onanole to connect there to the Riding Mountain National Park trail system via the Onanole Trail.

The history of the CN Rossburn Subdivision Railway line is documented on interpretive signs within the QE2 Park on Centennial Road in Rossburn. The last train past through Rossburn in 1996, the rail to trail initiative saw to it, that it stayed important and became part of the Trans Canada Trail system.

Due to a landslide, a portion of the trail in the west end of the Rossburn Municipality is not accessible at this moment (summer 2016), repairs are hopefully soon on its way.

For more information, contact Dennis Rogasky – Chair at 204-625-5223 or Ilse Ketelsen – Secretary/Treasurer at 204-859-2497  – Email:

Rossburn Subdivision Trail

Activities / Things to Do

Get out there, get active! Things to see, things to do …We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of them!


Go Boating

Offers a variety of boats, kayaks, etc. rental

Pick the lake where you would like your boat delivered to and enjoy!

On Patterson Lake only electric motor or non-motorized boats are allowed.

Go Camping

See our campground section for places to go


Go Fishing

No cares, no distraction, just the freedom to fish as you never have before.

Clear-blue skies, pristine air and the anticipation of that next heart stopping strike make Rossburn your place to fish, where fishing memories are big enough to last your lifetime begin

Download Master Anglers Guide

Specific Fly-Fishing information can be found under the Fly-Fishing section.

Golf Course 2

Go Golfing

Right on Rossman Lake offers a scenic & challenging 9-hole course, grass greens, licensed restaurant & screened patio, club & cart rentals and a pro-shop. Check out their website for upcoming tournaments or take the family/friends for a round!


Go Horseback Riding

Offers guided rides on the ranch and in the Riding Mountain National Park. Located 12 km north-east of Rossburn between town and the National Park. Rolling hills, woods, lakes and at the ranch the cows and the cowboys keep you on your toes or should we say in the saddle. Wildlife is
always optional, depending on mother nature. The offer ranges from hourly rides to overnight stays in the National Park and is adapted to your interests/time. For a more thorough introduction to the ranch consider staying overnight.


Go Hunting

Bear, deer, coyote, moose, elk as well as migratory birds might be your target, all can be found within our area. We are situated in Hunting Zone 23.

Hunting hours and the discharge of any firearm is permitted only from ½ hours before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.

For all licensing requirements for hunting in Manitoba please see for more details.

You can as well reach Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship at 1-800-214-6497 for more information.

Our area office can be reached at Shoal Lake District Office, Box 416, Shoal Lake, MB, R0J 1Z0
Phone (204) 759-4080

Big Game and Landowner Elk Draw Licenses applications forms are available in April at the above office or find the application at

Foreign resident hunters must book their hunt through a licensed lodge or outfitter, authorized to outfit foreign resident hunters for the specific game to be hunted and must only use the services of the outfitter specified on the licence. Foreign resident hunters must be accompanied by a licensed Manitoba guide. No more than three hunters may use the services of a guide at the same time.

Exception is the game bird hunt, which do not require the services of an outfitter or guide.

Connect with an outfitter as a foreign resident via our business directory.

Go Play

Use the playground at the Rossburn Elementary School which is accessible to the public after school hours or try out the playground at Rossman Lake.

You can also give the swing a try at the Lions RV Park.

The Rossburn Collegiate Institute has a public basketball/street-hockey area and the adjacent soccer field is open for use as well.

The Rossburn Fitness Centre is yet another great place to have some fun. Classes such as Yoga and Zumba are offered from time to time. Learn More!

Children can participate at the Library’s summer play program ( or 204-859-2687) and/or at the day camp programs the Recreation Commission offers within the summer school break ( or 204-859-2779).


Go Swimming

Rossman Lake offers swimming lessons through the Rossburn Recreation Commission (, 204-859-2779)

Rossman Lake has a designated swimming area with public access, where the playground is situated. You get there by using the main access and turning right direction golf course

Seech Lake has a sandy designated swimming area with public access.

Go Curling

The Agri-Rec Centre on Cloverdale Ave boast artificial curling ice during the winter months.

Learn how to curl and workshops for the advanced are usually offered. The High-School as well has curling in their sport activities

See the schedule for tournaments in season either in the event calendar or contact the Recreation Commission at 204-859-2779 for more information

Go Dog-Sledding offers during the season a dog sledding option. Once the ski area is open inquire at 204-564-2000 of availability. 45 min away from Rossburn, it makes for a great day get-away.

Skating at the Family Fun day Febr 18 2013

Go Skating

On Veterans Drive you will find the skating rink with natural ice, which has a busy winter season with recreational hockey, figure skating and public skating.

No skates? Ask them if they have your size to rent for the day/evening.

Contact the Recreation Commission at 204-859-2779 for more info on schedules and events.

Cross Country

Go Cross-Country Skiing

Under the self-guided trails section, you find the details to 4 close by in season groomed public trails, all free of use (donations for the up-keep are accepted).

Laying within the Rossburn Muncipality check with – 204-859-2497 for conditions.

Go Downhill Skiing for more information during the season.

A 45 minutes drive away from Rossburn, you find Asessippi Ski Area & Resort, Manitoba’s premier ski area. Inquiries at 204-564-2000.

Go Sleigh-Riding

Find out under events, when and if local sleigh rides options are offered at events during the winter months.

An annual sleigh ride into the Riding Mountain National Park is organized in beginning of March. As the participants from the Rossburn Park entrance are meeting with those from the Grandview area, it has become the largest sleigh ride in Manitoba. A bbq is held at the meeting point (bring your own supplies). For more information, contact Richard Bilinsky at 204-859-2508

snowmobiling fun

Go Snowmobiling

Map Of Trail

The Snowtraxx Snowmobile club covers the beautiful communities of Russell, Rossburn, Ohla, Oakburn, Birtle, Foxwarren, St Lazare and Binscarth.

Snowtraxx is a non-profit organization that currently maintains 380 kms of trails.  They are groomed weekly from the start of the season until the end of the riding season, which is determined by snow conditions.

For more details check out their website, you can email them at or phone at 204-847-2185

Year-Round Fun:

Go join a variety of workshops at

Grab a copy of our monthly news letter “Rossburn Matters” at our restaurants, the tourism info at the coop gas-station or the municipality office to find out about monthly activities.