Self-Guided Trails

There’s lots to see in such a peaceful community and the areas that surround. Come and enjoy an awesome experience with one of many self-guided trails. Choose where you want to go, and what you want to see. If you’d like to find out more, click the download button to get a PDF brochure.


Babushka Trail

This brochure provides information on Ukrainian heritage sites, museums, churches and cemeteries in the vicinity of Riding Mountain National Park.

Lost Trails

The lingering spirit of these pioneers can be felt in every church and school, every field and forest to which these pioneers applied themselves. Your journey throughout the area is sure to be rich in the heritage of distant lands and cultures.

Local Walking Trails

Choose one of our 4 local trails which include the Bear Trail, Memory Trail, Activity Trail, and the Centennial Trail. Enjoy what our town has to offer, from relaxing parks, to nature at its best.

Parkland Trout Trail

Though not a complete listing of trout waters in Manitoba’s Parkland region, this map mainly indicates trout waters that are actively producing big trophy trout.

Get Cross Country Skiiing

Many of the trails, travel through a mixture of coniferous forests, aspen deciduous forests and natural grasslands. Choose from one of three skill levels. Beginner / Moderate / Hard

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