The Rossburn Municipality is governed by a four-year term elected Council, made up of six Councillors and one Mayor who is the Head of Council.  Each Member of Council (or Councillor) is responsible to attend council and committee meetings and participate in the development and evaluation of policies and programs that consider the well-being and interests of the Municipality as a whole.


Mayor: Kerry Lawless

Phone: 204-641-0602

Portfolio: Legislative and Finance, Rossburn Community Development Corporation, Parkland Tourism, Parkland Regional Library Board, Park West School Division Foundation, Protective Services Committee, Rossburn Foundation, Resort Management, Landfill Committee, Planning Committee, Riding Mountain Regional Liaison(Alternate)

Deputy Mayor Darren Naherniak

Phone: 204-796-0778

Portfolio: Public Works Committee, Riding Mountain Biosphere, Rossburn Community Development Corporation, Rossburn Subdivision Trail, Shoal Lake Veterinary Board, Upper Assiniboine West Watershed District- Birdtail Creek, Public Education, Municipal Crime Watch/COPP, Parkland Regional Library Board (Alternate)

Councillor Russ Andrew

Phone: 204-796-0245

Portfolio: Employee Relations, Age Friendly, Municipal Cemetery, Rossburn Game & Fish, Rossburn Community Development Corporation, Public Education, Waywayseecappo Liaison Committee, 

Councillor Ed Budz

Phone: 204-856-3524

Portfolio: Public Works Committee, Rossburn Chamber of Commerce, Assiniboine West Watershed District- Upper Little Saskatchewan, Resort Management, Landfill Committee

Councillor Adam Grabowski

Phone: 204-365-7099

Portfolio: Employee Relations, Rossburn Recreation Commission, Protective Services Committee, Riding Mountain Regional Liaison, Rossman Lake Golf and Country Club, SAFr Community, Assiniboine West Watershed District- Oak River, Planning Committee, Public Education, Waywayseecappo Liaison Committee,  Riding Mountain Biosphere (Alternate), Rossburn Game & Fish (Alternate), Russell Veterinary Board (Alternate)

Councillor Kalvin Kreshewski

Phone: 204-859-0217

Portfolio: Public Works Committee, Legislative and Finance, FLIPPR, Russell Veterinary Board, Landfill Committee, Waywayseecappo Liaison Committee, Municipal Crime Watch/COPP

Councillor Emile Sabourin

Phone: 204-859-0220

Portfolio: Legislative and Finance, Rossburn Community Development Corporation, Municipal Cemetery, Protective Services Committee, Rossburn Community Resource Council, Rossburn & District Handivan, Assiniboine West Watershed District- Arrow River, Resort Management, Planning Committee, Municipal Crime Watch/COPP, Age Friendly (Alternate), Parkland Tourism (Alternate), SAFr Community (Alternate)