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Used oil is Canada’s single largest source of potentially hazardous material if not managed properly, and used antifreeze is toxic to people and animals. As well, the containers used to store these materials take up valuable landfill space if dumped and take hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose. Burning these containers releases harmful toxins into the air and the atmosphere. Used oil filters may contain residual oil that, if dumped in our landfill, will seep into the ground, and contaminate local groundwater. Therefore, it is essential that Canadians recycle our used oil and antifreeze products.

The EcoCentre provides a safe way to recycle your used oil, oil filters, oil jugs, antifreeze, and antifreeze jugs. The EcoCentre is open whenever the landfill is open, and it has never been easier to give your used oil products a new use. Our EcoCentre has a specially designed 4,500 litre oil storage tank, and storage bins for used filters and containers. No materials brought to our EcoCentre are disposed of in the landfill. The staff at our EcoCentre are trained to practice safe handling of products and ensuring that products brought in are acceptable for recycling. We cannot accept used oil that is contaminated, or mixed with any liquids such as water, paint thinner, solvents, bleach, antifreeze, gasoline, PCBs, household chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, or grease.

It’s not just oil that can be disposed of at our EcoCentre! Any of the products listed here can be brought in:

Oil – any petroleum or synthetic crankcase oil, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, gear oil, heat transfer fluid or other fluid used for lubricating purposes in machinery or equipment.

Oil Filters – any spin-on or element oil filter used in hydraulic, transmission or internal combustion engine application- includes diesel fuel filters but does not include gasoline fuel filters.

Oil Containers – any plastic container with a capacity of less than 30 litres that is manufactured to hold oil.

Antifreeze – any ethylene glycol or propylene glycol vehicle engine coolant.

Antifreeze Containers – any plastic container with a capacity of less than 30 litres that is manufactured to hold antifreeze.

The Municipality partners with the Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp (MARRC) and with the province of Manitoba. The Municipality provides the EcoCentre collection depot, where the oil and products are then picked up from for further processing.

Oil brought into our EcoCentre can be re-refined into new lubricant that is completely restored of its original lubricating properties. Re-refining used oil takes only one-third of the energy of refining crude oil to the same quality. Re-refined oils meet all new car lubricating specifications. Used oil can also be re-refined into fuel for burning in various heaters or can be burnt directly for energy. Oil filters are shredded, heated to a molten state, and reused in other metal products such as rebar, nails, and wire. Empty oil jugs can be recycled into new containers, plastic flowerpots, plastic pipe, guardrails, fence posts, and plastic patio furniture.

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