Water Wells

Private Rural Wells

For those residents in the rural area with their own private wells please refer to the link below for information from the Province of Manitoba on well maintenance, testing, and well water safety.


Public Non-Potable Water Wells

The Municipality provides a source of non-potable, untreated, and untested well water for Rossburn farmers and residents use such as water for gardens, livestock, and pools. These are bulk filling stations with easy access for trucks with tanks, filling hose is about 3 inches in diameter, with a simple stop/start pendant, and absolutely no chemical or fertilizer equipment to be filled directly at the well. The water is free of charge, but use is at your own risk. The four Municipal bulk-fill wells are located at:

1.      Silver Creek Well: Boundary Road 150W between Road 120N and 121N.

2.      Vista Well: West side of Road 140W at the Sound end of Town of Vista.

3.      Olha Well: Road 113N between Road 134W and PR #577 junction.

4.      Rossman Lake Well: South side of Lakeview Drive West (West of Rossman Lake Entrance).