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Manitoba elicensing

You can a purchase a PRINTABLE angling licence online at manitobaelicensing, at a participating retailer or over the telephone by calling the Help Desk at 1-877-880-1203.

To purchase your Manitoba Angling licence follow link below

National Parks

A Manitoba Angling Licence is not valid for fishing in National Parks. Contact Parks Canada

for details on fishing licences and regulations in National Parks.

Licence Exemptions

The following people may angle without a licence:
• Any youth under the age of 16 who has permanently resided in Manitoba for at least six months. Manitoba youth under the age of 16 have all the rights and privileges of those holding a Regular Licence, including their own regular limit of fish. All other regulations apply. Proof of age is required when checked by an Officer.
• Any Canadian resident or non-resident youth under the age of 16. The person must fish with a licence holder, or someone exempt from holding a licence, and their catch must be applied to the limit of that person. A Canadian resident or non-resident youth under 16 who wishes to have a separate limit must buy a licence.