Catch Your Next Big One In Our Lakes!

 We are proud to be the home of two of Parklands Championship Trophy Lakes.

 They are well noted in the Fly Fishing world and have been chosen in the past to host, Provincial Championships, International Point events and Regional competitions.

 Both lakes are highly recommended for any part of the year including the winter months for ice fishing, which will still make it challenging.

 Patterson Lake

Known by many as Parkland's best trophy trout lake, it consistently produces a great number of big trophy catches of browns and rainbows. These catches are typically the most aggressive trout in the pond and an anglers personal best. Being such a world class trout fishing opportunity, with available shoreline camping, a great launch area, a big dock, and separate bathrooms, this lake is sure to provide you with the fishing trip you've been waiting for!

This will be your destination to Fly Fish each year as the fish never stop growing and your determination to catch the big one is ongoing!

For camping reservations during the summer season, please call (204)821-4040


 Directions: Take 577 North off the junction of Hwy45 and Hwy21. Continue north, the lake is on the left side.

Tokaryk Lake

It is famous for the "Tokaryk Take”, when one of the monster trout puts your rod into a deep pull before stealing your hook. Both the rainbows and browns are an enticing challenge to anyone’s line once they have been hooked, and that is just the beginning. It is one of our quieter lakes to Fly Fish on but still has a great launch and a big dock area with separate bathrooms.

With Patterson Lake camping just 10 minutes away, it makes it a perfect addition to explore both of our trophy lakes at the same time.

 For camping reservations at Patterson Lake during the summer season, please call (204)821-4040

Directions: Take 577 North off the junction of Hwy45 and Hwy21. Turn right on road #111 and then turn left on road #133. Lake is on the right side.