Tire Recycling

For every new tire sold a scrap tire will eventually be generated. Rather than taking up space in our landfills and posing a risk to human health and the environment, scrap tires are processed and used in environmentally responsible ways. To manage scrap tires generated in Manitoba, the retailer pays Tire Stewardship Manitoba a steward-fee for new tires sold in the province. 100% of fees collected go towards the operation of the scrap tire recycling program.

Scrap tires can be used to make flooring products for agricultural, recreational, and industrial use. They are used for artificial turf fields, rubberized asphalt, blast mats, geo-technical projects, energy recovery and other applications.

You can recycle your used tires (rims must be removed) by taking them to the Rossburn Waste Grounds (landfill), and placing them in the tire area where they are stored until picked up.


For more information please visit www.tirestewardshipmb.ca