Rossburn Fitness Centre

As everyone is aware due to COVID safety reasons our Fitness Centre has been closed since March 2020. We anticipate the 'Code Red' will be lifted, and we plan to re-open the facility on March 1, 2021. Unfortunately, continued COVID restrictions will necessitate significant changes to the operations of the facility. As soon as possible, we require our fitness members to assist and provide feedback in order that the reopening may occur.
The previous pre-COVID unlimited access to the facility will change to scheduled one-hour (plus a 15 minute cleanup) slots or appointments, with a maximum of three members at any given time. We plan to start with a two-week schedule from March 1st to 15th- to complete the schedule members must provide us with information on their time availability. For those that instead prefer their membership fees refunded, you must also provide us with that information.

1Month - $52.50 includes GST
3 Months - $131.25 includes GST
6 Months - $183.75 includes GST
1 Year - $341.25 includes GST
Access FOB - $25.00 deposit (Refunded on return of the FOB)
Family members of more than 2 people who live in the same household, students with school ID (cannot combine with family rate) and Seniors 65+ are eligible for a 25% discount.

To become a member or if you require more info, please call Barb at the Municipal Office 204-859-2779 or email