The Rossburn Subdivision Trail

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail  

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail runs 176 km from Russell to Neepawa. This multi-use gravel trail follows the abandoned CN rail line formerly known as Rossburn Subdivision. 

Established in 1997, the Rossburn Subdivision Trail Association (RSTA) was formed by municipalities along the Rossburn Subdivision railway line. Back then the line just had been closed by CN.

Partnering with the former Provincial Manitoba Recreational Trails Association (now Trails Manitoba), a "Rail to Trail” project was started to convert the former rail line into a public trail. By now the trail is established as part of the Trans Canada Trail.

The Trans Canada Trail is the world’s longest network of multi-use recreational trails, stretching for more than 27,000 kilometres through every province and territory. It’s a showcase of Canada’s diverse landscapes and cultures, and a sustainable national asset that fosters unity, collaboration and connectedness.

Rossburn is proud to be one of the municipalities the Trans Canada Trail and with it the Rossburn Subdivision Trail runs through. The trail is well signed out and you can join for a short walk within town, discover the next town by foot or bike (or horseback) or discover the rest of Canada if you are ambitious.

Public access to the trail is free.

In the winter, RSTA is a designated snowmobile route, which is the only exception to the rule of non-motorized traffic on the trail.